Integrative Nutrition Strategies

Nutrition is a cornerstone to optimal health and wellness. In this bundle, learn about nutrition and supplement strategies and interventions with a focus on optimizing nutrition to reduce cardiovascular diseases, improving brain health, and leveraging testing to improve patient wellness.

What's included?

  • Video Recordings
  • Expert Instructors
  • Downloadable Audio
  • Speaker Handout(s)
  • Quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion

8 Courses Led by IHM Experts

Topics include: stress management theory, types, assessment, and pathways; philosophy of modern nursing; pain treatment in anthroposophic nursing; and the role of integrative nursing in advancing whole person and whole system health care.

8 Hours of Content

In total, this bundle offers 7 hours of content on nutritional strategies and 1 hour on optimizing exercise. See each course for specific topics. A certificate of completion is available to download upon completing each course. 
Courses included

Integrative Nutrition Strategies

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