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Ayurvedic Management of Inflammation: Patient-centered Mind-body Approach

This course focuses on clinical research supporting the use of traditional Ayurvedic herbs as part of a broader integrative treatment approach.

Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, BAMS (Ayurveda), MAOM, PhD

Jayagopal Parla, BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), MAOM, C-I

 Board Review Series

AIHM 2018 Annual Conference

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45 minutes

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What you will learn

  • Course Summary

  • When macronutrients or micronutrients are abnormally metabolized, metabolic toxins are generated which trigger inflammation. These toxins also interfere with normal tissue metabolism and immune function. In Ayurveda, the term AGNI represents metabolic activity at various levels in the body; the gut is the primary site of metabolism. Disturbance in the psycho-emotional balance or gut-governing factors can result in the production of metabolic toxins. In Ayurveda, a patient-centered approach is adapted to customize diet, herbs, supplements, lifestyle modifications, yoga and detoxification protocols. Prevention and management of inflammatory pathologies are accomplished with various detoxification procedures such as PANCHAKARMA. A practitioner can administer these protocols seasonally to prevent inflammation and inflammatory pathologies. This presentation systematically discusses and enumerates Ayurvedic protocols for management of inflammatory pathologies, including evidence-based clinical case presentation of selected pathologies.
    By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

    • Describe the Ayurvedic concept of inflammation
    • Explain Ayurvedic protocols for prevention and management of inflammatory pathologies
    • Describe the Ayurvedic management of selective pathologies with case studies

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Course Faculty

Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, BAMS (Ayurveda), MAOM, PhD

About Anupama
Anupama Kizhakkeveettil is an Ayurvedic Doctor, licensed acupuncturist, yoga teacher, Professor and program Director at Southern California University of Health Sciences. She has been teaching and practicing Ayurvedic medicine over a decade. She is actively involved in integrative and complementary and alternative medicine research and has authored in various peer-reviewed journals.

She also serves as Board of director for National Ayurvedic Medical Association, California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine, Council of Ayurvedic Research, Research working group member of Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health and Action board member of American Public Health Association.

Jayagopal Parla, BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), MAOM, C-I

About Jayagopal
Jayagopal is an international speaker, educator, and practitioner of Ayurveda. He is Founder/Director of Athreya Ayurveda Integrative Health Center, Long Beach, CA, and VP of Athreya Herbs. He is on the faculty at AUCM and SCUHS. His area of expertise includes pain management, chronic health conditions. healthy weight management. musculo-skeletal conditions, skin care, digestive imbaLances, women’s health and anti-aging therapies.

Jayagopal Parla (Jay) holds an Masters in Ayurvedic Medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Bangalore. India. He also holds a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Southern California University of Health Sciences and is a certified Yoga teacher.

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