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Nutrition for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

This course will review how to support thyroid and immune function. Course faculty will highlight nutrient dense diets, food sensitivities and sleep habits and stress management that can affect autoimmunity.

Mary Purdy, MS, RDN

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AIHM 2019 Annual Conference

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What you will learn

  • Course Summary

  • The incidence of the autoimmune condition “Hashimoto’s Disease” which accounts for the majority of hypothyroidism cases, is fast growing. Not only is this condition potentially preventable, but it can be addressed and well managed with dietary and lifestyle shifts. More than the what and the why, creating personalized strategies for how to help patients put dietary recommendations into practice is the secret sauce to effecting long lasting changes that have measurable results.

    Mary Purdy, an integrative dietitian with 11+ years experience of helping patients make diet and lifestyle changes will present ideas on how to support thyroid and immune function by ensuring a nutrient dense diet, addressing food sensitivities and providing guidance around sleep habits and stress management that can affect autoimmunity. The presentation will also incorporate helpful techniques for motivational interviewing, exploring barriers and working to meet patients where they are at in order to create effective, realistic and whole person centered recommendations.
    By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

    • Describe the basic physiology and biochemistry of thyroid function
    • Identify signs and symptoms of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis as well as diet/lifestyle factors that may contribute to exacerbation of the condition.
    • Implement easy and effective dietary, lifestyle and supplemental strategies that support both thyroid function and the immune system.

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Course Faculty

Mary Purdy, MS, RDN

Faculty Disclosures: This speaker has no relevant relationships with commercial interests to disclose.
About Mary
Mary Purdy, MS, RDN, CD holds a Master's Degree from Bastyr University and ran a successful private practice for eight years
working with hundreds of patients before coming to biotech start-up company, Arivale in 2015. Currently she works as a Coach and Clinical Education Lead providing a personalized medicine approach that takes into account nutritional genetics, blood analyte biomarkers, microbiome and salivary cortisol for its clients. The coaching at Arivale takes a long-term, integrative approach where dietitians address diet, physical activity, stress, sleep, and supplementation. Mary previously served as an adjunct professor at Bastyr University and was a clinical supervisor at the Bastyr teaching clinic from 2010-2016. 

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