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Exploring the Perceptual Framework Underpinning Racist and Anti-Racist Worldviews

In this course, you will explore core concepts impacting our formation of self-other identity through the lens of socio-economic and political dynamics in an effort to dismantle racist ideologies in healthcare practices.

Scarlet Soriano, MD, ABIHM

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AIHM 2020 Annual Conference

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1 hour

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What you will learn

  • Course Summary

  • This course will explore some of the core concepts impacting our formation of self-other identity through the lens of race and socio-economic and political dynamics. We will look at ways that we can become aware of foundational, mostly subconscious thoughts affecting our perception of the world through the lens of race and challenge beliefs that sustain racism. We will consider ways through which we can harness this information to support greater equity in health and in the world.
    By the end of this course, learners will be able to:
    • List two ways in which concepts of self-other may impact their own views about patients, colleagues and others in general through the filter of race.
    • Discuss how race as a construct has been used to perpetuate unequal valuation of human life.
    • Identify at least two actions they can take to dismantle subtle racist ideologies and shift towards anti-racist healthcare practices.
    • Discuss the role of mindful awareness in day-to-day life in uncovering and addressing false beliefs impacting perception through the lens of race.

Course includes:

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Scarlet Soriano, MD, ABIHM

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About Scarlet

Dr. Scarlet Soriano is a health and wellness leader, consultant, speaker and coach. She develops wellness programs across a wide range of health-related institutions, with a focus on designing Integrative medicine patient and employee clinical programs. Dr. Soriano uses a wide range of skills to support her clients in their journey of institutional transformation, starting with a process of re-envisioning foundational concepts of healthcare delivery; then moving through all aspects of design and implementation, and extending into measuring, sustaining and expanding impact of programs post-launch. Dr. Soriano is passionate about expanding access to evidence-based Integrative and wellness-based healing modalities to minorities and underserved populations.

Dr. Soriano is a founding member of the AIHM’s Black, Indigenous and People of Color Taskforce. She has recently joined the Board of the AIHM. Before launching as a wellness consultant in 2020, Dr. Soriano was Director for Group Visits at the Program for Integrative Medicine and Health Disparities at Boston Medical Center. Since 2018, she has been the Director for Wellness-Based Healthcare Transformation at Boston Medical Center. She is former Medical Director of the Tanya I Edwards, MD Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Soriano is the current Medical Director for the upcoming Hopespring Holistic Health Institute in Maine. Dr. Soriano has worked in settings that range from rural to urban, serving a wide range of patients and communities.

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