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Consciousness and the Nature of Healing

In this course, discover the nature of human consciousness and its relationship to healing in attempt to answer the question "Is healing merely one form that human consciousness can take?"

Scott Shannon, MD, ABIHM

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AIHM 2020 Annual Conference

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45 minutes

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What you will learn

  • Course Summary

  • This course explores the nature of human consciousness and its relationship to healing. Consciousness will be defined as a phenomenon before the characteristics are considered. Healing can be a vague concept, but it has a clear relationship to our consciousness and the path we take to heal and be healed. Is healing merely one form that human consciousness can take? Course faculty will provide a summary on the wide-ranging reaches of human consciousness, outline the basic components of consciousness, distinguish the contributions the brain and mind have on consciousness, and develop a model of healing using "conscious engagement".
    By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

    • Summarize the wide-ranging reaches of human consciousness.
    • Outline the basic components of consciousness.
    • Contrast contributions of brain and mind to consciousness.
    • Create a model of healing contingent upon conscious engagement.

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  • 1 Quiz
  • 1 Evaluation
  • Certificate of Completion

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Course Faculty

Scott Shannon, MD, ABIHM

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About Scott
Scott has been a student of consciousness since his honor’s thesis on that topic at the University of Arizona in the 1970s. Following medical school, MDMA assisted psychotherapy became a facet of his practice before this medicine was scheduled in 1985. He then completed a Psychiatry residency at a Columbia program in New York. Scott studied cross-cultural psychiatry and completed a child/adolescent psychiatry fellowship at the University of New Mexico. Scott has published four books on holistic and integrative mental health including the first textbook for this field in 2001.

Scott is a past President of the American Holistic Medical Association and a past President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. He serves as a site Principle Investigator and therapist for the Phase III trial of MDMA assisted psychotherapy for PTSD sponsored by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). He has also published numerous articles about his research on cannabidiol (CBD) in mental health. Scott founded the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) to train professionals in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and deliver clinically relevant studies.  He lectures all over the world to professional groups interested in a deeper look at mental health issues and a paradigm shifting perspective about transformative care.

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