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A Functional Medicine Approach to COVID-19

In this course, join a panel of leaders from the integrative medicine community discussing the Institute of Functional Medicine's (IFM) educational work on COVID-19 strategies and vaccinations.

Amy Mack, MSES, MPA

Joseph Pizzorno, ND

Patrick Hanaway, MD

Brad Jacobs, MD, MPH

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AIHM March 2021 Virtual Conference

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1 hour 15 minutes

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  • Course Summary

  • In this course, a panel of experts discuss the Institute for Functional Medicine's (IFM) educational work on COVID-19 strategies an vaccinations. Amy Mack, MSES, MPA, will highlight the work of IFM throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Joe Pizzorno, ND, will frame the context of a Functional Medicine, systems-based approach to disease and immune resilience, highlighting published papers in IMCJ. Patrick Hanaway, MD, will offer the IFM approach to immune resilience to resist and recover from SARS-CoV-2 infection. It will highlight risk factors, lifestyle interventions, and nutraceutical support. There will be a review of the protocol to decrease morbidity and mortality, as well as optimizing response to vaccination. (25 minutes). The presentation concludes with a Q&A moderated by Brad Jacobs, MD.
    By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

    • Understand more about the functional medicine approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic and be more informed about COVID-19 vaccines.
    • Understand strategies for preventing COVID-19 infections.
    • Minimize risk of the cytokine storm.
    • Help patients understand the types of COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Course Faculty

Amy Mack, MSES, MPA

Faculty Disclosure: No financial relationships with any ineligible companies to disclose.
About aMY
Amy holds a BS degree in Biology and Masters degrees in Public Affairs and Environmental Science. Amy spent the last nearly 30 years in mission and service-oriented organizations focused on empowering individuals and community to drive systems change. The daughter of a gastroenterologist, Amy understood the importance of the patient and witnessed the sacrifices of a physician in the search for good medicine. Today she pulls from these experiences to lead IFM in its mission of ensuring the widespread adoption of Functional Medicine. Before joining IFM, Amy served in government and non-profit leadership roles including as the Executive Director of Year Up Puget Sound, a non-profit organization that provides skills training for opportunity youth. She was previously the President/CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound (Seattle, WA) and Big Brothers Big Sisters in Forsyth and Davie Counties (Winston-Salem, NC). Amy also worked in and around city, county, and federal government agencies including as the Chief of Staff for the Corporation for National and Community Service in Washington, DC. Amy lives in Seattle with her husband, David and son, Duncan.

Patrick Hanaway, MD

Faculty Disclosure: No financial relationships with any ineligible companies to disclose.
About Patrick
Patrick Hanaway, MD is a board-certified family physician trained at Washington University. Dr. Hanaway served on the Executive Committee for the American Board of Integrative Medicine and is Past President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. For more than 20 years he was worked with his wife, Dr. Lisa Lichtig, in clinical practice @ Family to Family: Your Home for Whole Health Care in Asheville, NC. After 10 years as Chief Medical Officer at Genova Diagnostics, Dr. Hanaway became the Chief Medical Education Officer for the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) where he oversaw the development and implementation of IFM’s programs worldwide. He has taught with IFM since 2005 and fills numerous roles: leading the GI Advanced Practice Module, Co-Chair of IFM’s Expert Advisory Board, leading the COVID-19 Task Force and serving as a Senior Advisor to the CEO. In 2014, Dr. Hanaway worked with Dr. Mark Hyman to develop the collaboration between IFM and the Cleveland Clinic, where he was the founding Medical Director, then Research Director. He now serves as a Research Collaborator with the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. His research interests focus on nutrition, the The primary focus of Dr. Hanaway’s work is to leverage his skills and knowledge to transform medical practice, through education, research and clinical care.

Joseph Pizzorno, Jr., ND

Faculty Disclosure: 
    • Bioclinic Naturals - Consultant; AlgaeCal - Consultant

    All disclosures were mitigated prior to the activity.
    About JOseph
    Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND is a transformational leader in medicine. As founding president of Bastyr University in 1978, he coined the term “science-based natural medicine” which set the foundation for Bastyr to become the first accredited institution in this field anywhere in the world. This validated that medicine which promotes health rather than primarily disease treatment could be credibly taught, researched and practiced. As co-author of the Textbook of Natural Medicine (first edition 1985, 5th edition 2020) he helped established the scientific foundation for health promotion medicine. With over 100,000 copies sold in 4 languages (over half to MDs), it not only helped reestablish naturopathic medicine as an important part of the healthcare system, but also provided the scientific foundation for the transformational fields of integrative and functional medicine throughout the world. A naturopathic physician (licensed in WA state since 1975), educator, researcher and expert spokesman, he is Editor-in-Chief of PubMed-indexed IMCJ, Board Chair of the Institute for Functional Medicine, founding board member of American Herbal Pharmacopeia, and a member of the science boards of the Hecht Foundation, Gateway for Cancer Research and Bioclinic Naturals. He was appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush to 2 prestigious government commissions to advise the President and Congress on how to integrate natural medicine into the healthcare system. He is author or co-author of 6 textbooks for doctors (most recent Clinical Environmental Medicine) and 7 consumer books (Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine [>2 million copies in 6 languages]; most recent, The Toxin Solution).

    Moderator: Brad Jacobs, MD, MPH, ABOIM

    Faculty Disclosure: No financial relationships with any ineligible companies to disclose.
    About Brad

    I'm Brad Jacobs MD MPH ABOIM, an integrative medicine physician, educator, and author. I believe the current US healthcare delivery system and medical school education curriculum is deeply flawed in it's myopic focus on treating disease, at the exclusion of training physicians on health creation – how do we inspire, empower, and reward people about their health. I believe individuals should have the right to access high quality information, inter-professional experts, as well as their own medical records in order to make informed decisions to optimize their health and well-being.

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